Casino Bonus

If you’ve ever searched for an online casino to play at, then you’re well aware of the appeal that the advertised bonuses have towards your casino choice. A Casino Bonus is a type of incentive used by online casinos to pull and retain clients to their sites. It comes in a variety of forms with the most common being free spins and free casino credits. These bonuses can also be one time offers or periodic promotions depending on the casino you choose.

Types Of Bonuses

Different online casinos utilize different incentive methods to attract the highest number of customers. As a result, these bonuses are advertised using a variety of names which in some ways describe their nature such as Welcome Bonuses, Matched Bonuses, Tournament Bonuses, Reload Bonuses, to name but a few. However, there are two main categories which the majority of these bonuses all stem from. These are the Deposit Bonus and the No Deposit Casino Bonus.

The Deposit Bonus is a type of casino bonus that requires the player to make a cash deposit into their casino account so as to claim their reward. Whereas the No Deposit Bonus is the opposite. You are not required to make any financial commitment to the casino of your choosing in order to collect your bonus reward. However, the casino will require you to at least register as a player on their site.

Types Of Bonus Rewards

As mentioned earlier, the type of Casino Bonus you receive depends on your casino choice. However, one thing that you will find at most online casinos is a Welcome bonus. This will either fall under the deposit bonus or no deposit bonus category and is essentially targeted at newly registered clients. For meeting the sign-up criteria, players stand to be rewarded with free casino money, free spins or even, loyalty points.

The free casino money comes as a specified amount once you join a casino. However, there are casinos that offer players a percentage of the amount they deposit into their accounts, giving you an even higher bonus. Free spins are also awarded after signing up. They are free game rounds on selected slots. Loyalty points are offered in a lump sum after sign up, as well as periodically after you perform certain activities on the casino site.

Claim a Casino Bonus for more chances at winning.

Conclusion On Bonuses

Every iGamer looks for ways to increase their gaming time at online casinos without having to spend extra money. This is where the casino bonus promotions come in handy. They give you slots free spins and free cash to use on different casino games to earn lucrative winnings. On top of that, there are those who offer loyalty points that can also be redeemed for free gaming rounds, cash prizes or even casino draws for gifts and trips abroad!